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Professional Practice Committee

California Land Surveyors’ Association
Sacramento Chapter

Charter Statement

This Charter will define the purpose and the goals of the California Land Surveyors’ Association Sacramento Chapters’ Professional Practice Committee (hereafter referred to as the PPC).

General Overview

The Sacramento Chapter’s PPC was reorganized in 2008. One of the main goals of this committee is to be comprised of a diverse membership of licensed surveyors from private practice and from the public sector.

The committee appreciates the desire of any Chapter member to participate, but recognizes the need to establish minimum qualifications for persons who will be reviewing and recommending action on confidential matters regarding professional practice. To that end, the Chairman and other members of the committee shall be licensed surveyors.


The overall goal of the PPC is to assist in the education and welfare of both the public and practicing land surveyors. Thus, there are two primary functions of the committee: 1) to provide education and assist in understanding and interpreting existing laws at the State and local levels, and 2) to assist and facilitate parties in resolving disagreements arising over interpretations of law or acceptable local standards of practice.

The PPC will accept requests for assistance or interpretation from private surveyors, public agency employees, or clients of surveyors. To that end, the PPC will publicize its existence and promote awareness of the services it can provide. The PPC will accept referrals from the Sacramento Chapter area, which includes Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Sutter, and Yolo Counties. Areas covered by neighboring CLSA Chapters that do not have a Professional Practices Committee may be included on a case-by-case basis.


The PPC will act when someone contacts the committee with a request for help or for an opinion. Typically, this will happen when a disagreement arises over the scope or quality of a particular survey, or the conduct on one engaged in the practice of land surveying. Confidentiality is of paramount importance. Due to the nature of the business conducted by the PPC, all materials, meetings, communications, and documents will be held in strict confidence and cannot be made public or available to anyone without a committee commission.

Bearing in mind that the basic purpose of licensure is the protection of the public, the PPC will consider cases in light of current laws and standards of practice governing the practice of land surveying. It is the intent of the PPC to ensure that the public is properly served by the land surveying profession and that land surveyors are knowledgeable in the laws and practice to provide that service. If in the opinion of the PPC a land surveyor is determined to be out of compliance, the PPC will make every reasonable effort to assist the land surveyor in coming into compliance.

The PPC members will make every effort to be as unbiased, fair, and professional as possible in their attempts to evaluate and judge the issues brought to them.

November 14, 2008

Email the Professional Practice Committee with any concerns related to Professional Land Surveyors.

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