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HP 35s Distance and Azimuth in DMS to Complex Format

I like the HP 35s’s complex number format for COGO problems, but one cannot enter distances and directions in DMS, so this 35s program accepts distance in the Y register and Azimuth in HHH.MMSS in the X register and converts to the 35s complex number format.

e.g.for distance = 100 azimuth = 142°15’46”

100 ENTER 100.00000
142.1546 XEQ F ENTER 142.1546


100θ142.26278 in rθa mode ( DISPLAY .0)
-79.08261i61.20409 in xiy mode ( DISPLAY 9)

F001 LBL F
F002 HMS→
F003 STO A
F004 R↓
F005 STO D
F006 RCL A
F007 SIN
F008 x
F009 STO X
F010 R↓
F011 RCL A
F012 COS
F013 RCL D
F014 x
F015 0i0
F016 +
F017 0i0
F018 RCL X
F019 +
F020 1Θ90
F021 x
F022 +
F023 RTN