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HP35s Bearing in DMS and Quadrant to Azimuth in DMS

This HP35s program takes bearing in DMS in the Y Register and Quadrant in the X register and returns Azimuth in DMS

B001 LBL B
B002 STO Q
B003 x<>y
B004 HMS→
B005 STO B
B006 1
B007 RCL Q
B008 x=y?
B009 GTO B022
B010 2
B011 RCL Q
B012 x=y?
B013 GTO B025
B014 3
B015 RCL Q
B016 x=y?
B017 GTO B029
B018 360
B019 RCL B
B020 – B021 STO B
B022 RCL B
B023 →HMS
B024 RTN
B025 180
B026 RCL B
B027 – B028 GTO B021
B029 180
B030 RCL B
B031 +
B032 GTO B021